Emergency Clutter Tips Before the Guests Arrive

Nothing terrifies people more than surprise visitors. Why? Your home doesn’t really shine with good housekeeping and you’re certain you will be judged about all imperfections, no matter how small they are. That’s how the world goes and you have no other choice than to roll with it and see where it goes. Don’t you panic, though, because I have the solution to your problem. Emergency clutter tips that guarantee you will manage to get your home in a tip top shape in no time. This way you will be able to welcome your guests without being a nervous wreck.
Source: Fit Bottomed Mamas

Handle the Laundry

The easiest thing I can think of to improve is sort the laundry. Are you caught with a huge piles of worn clothes and the last bed linen, towering above your laundry hamper? Forget the sorting out. Open the washing machine and stuff your laundry inside, you can sort it out later. This empties an impressive amount of space, so you can focus on what’s important – hiding everything in your bathroom as it doesn’t look as if you are too vein. Overpopulate the cabinets and don’t fret about the mess – this is a ticking-bomb kind of a mission, so you should look first and foremost as to how you can best keep the room clean.

Hide, Hide, Hide

Sometimes, you’ve to break common rules and conventions to commit to a cleaner home for your guests, which in this case means you should hide all random possessions under the bed or under the sofa, depending on the room and the situation. Dinner guests won’t need to enter your bedroom, so you can lock it and leave it at that, but if you have a special guest over for the night, below the bed sounds like the most reasonable solution.

The Secret Room


Why not, for example, the kids room? Anything can disappear from your sight with ease. Just slide those items in your kid’s room until the guests leave. Small children can cause some damage, if you left them unattended with the clutter, but such are the risks. The best tip I have seen in connection to clutter in the children’s room in general, which features filling a bean bag with stuffed toys. This makes the bean bag function as a chair and as a storage unit. Clever, eh?

But Avoid This Happening Yet Again

Now, these ought to save you from the surprise of having sudden visitors, but be aware that if your home is in need of a thorough spring cleaning, then no cheats can really save you. I hope you have a stress-free day. If you happen to have suggestions to add to this list, please say so.